Why do we do all of this? We enjoy exercising our responsibility to society. By understanding and harnessing this power, it is possible to build a cascading effect of kindness, inspiration and dedication. As individuals within the Foundation we also devote our time because we learn things beyond our daily lives and because we enjoy using the TJEF associations ourselves.

The John Ernest Foundation is based on a simple premise. We want to connect our John Ernest Fellows with sources tailored to meet a specific goal. TJEF believes in the limitless potential of people to do good for themselves and others. Our efforts are not unlike a good old-fashioned Amish barn raising. The TJEF community comes together to chip away at accomplishing goals that benefit individuals and various groups.

We see possibility and promise in the faces of those we help. Although several of TJEF's objectives strive to expose and reduce horrible suffering, we also assist objectives based on spreading friendship, beauty and joy. Our College of Mentors works to identify and utilize personal strengths and can help focus organizational problems toward a solution.

Join the movement: Email us at and tell us why you want to join and what you look to accomplish.