Matt Burner’s Summer Internship With Alexander Johnson

Matthew Burner was one of our TJEF fellows working as an intern at the Law office of Alexander Johnson. Over the course of the summer Matt spent time side by side with Alex learning the what it takes to be a lawyer in Silicon Valley.  Law was the focus, however; Matt learned many other valuable life lessons under Alex’s mentoring.

            “I really enjoyed my internship with Alex. Going into it, I was under the assumption that it would mostly deal with law and while that was certainly a major part of it, I also was able to catch a glimpse into the life of an entrepreneur. I really enjoyed being able to see and participate in the work that goes into building cases and claims, something I had very little knowledge about before the internship. One often reads of big settlements in newspapers but working at Alex’s office allowed me to understand how much time is put into acquiring those settlements. 

            “During my time with Alex, I was able to gain a better understanding of the differences between “big” law and “small” law and what would interest me if I wished to pursue a career in law. I also was able to learn more about TJEF during my time with Alex, especially with regards to the help being provided to the local Tongan community. These are a few of the ways I feel my time in Palo Alto added value to me. With regards to Alex, I feel much of the work I did there was beneficial to his practice and certainly provided him with fewer tasks he personally had to complete. I also hope I was able to provide my opinion with regards to certain issues. I also feel I was able to simply learn a bit more about transitioning from college to a job during my time with Alex, as much of the time was spent just between the two of us.” – Matthew Burner


            Congratulations Matthew, Alex had a fantastic time having you as an intern over the summer, and has nothing but the highest expectations for you and your future.  We wish you all the best with your future ventures.

And Matt’s Chinese entry continues!  McKinsey (Shanghai) has just offered Matt an internship for the summer of 2016.